Hello LMDA members!

We are getting ready to launch Round 2 of the LMDA Twitter Project and are looking for people who are wanting to participate. What we need:
1. Help with the organizing! 
Is Twitter your favorite social media platform? Are you looking for an opportunity to connect personally with amazing dramaturgs and literary managers from around the world? If so, the you should join Team Twitter. Help is needed coordinating schedules, inviting participants, requesting information and getting people set up. 
2. People to tweet!
As with Round 1, each week a LMDA member will be handed the reigns on the LMDA twitter account to spotlight a specific project, production, festival, class, etc. that s/he is working on. The schedule of guest tweeters will be picked to coincide with a period when the member is actively involved in some sort of dramaturgy/literary project. The member will have the opportunity to report, ask questions, and engage in twitter dialogues about what s/he is working on. To see a list of participants from Round 1, go here.

Lessing would have been 286 on January 22nd, and we imagine he liked cakes, cookies, breads, and other goodies as much as any birthday boy. To celebrate and raise money for a great cause, we propose a coast-to-coast- to coast-to coast, continental and international bake sale! All money raised will be used to seed travel grants to make it possible for more Early Career Dramaturgs to attend the LMDA Conference in New York.

Join the Facebook event here and find out how you can join the celebration!

LMDA is delighted to be continuing our relationship with Fractured Atlas and to extend to all of our members the opportunity for a one year free membership in their Open Arts Network. For more information about what Fractured Atlas is, and the services they provide, please go here.

The introduction to the new The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy is now available online. Check out the beginning of the volume that features articles from institutional, academic, and freelance dramaturgs from around the world.