We are thrilled to announce that the Collins Memorial Library at the University of Puget Sound is the new home for the LMDA archive. The archive hosts thousands of pictures, videos, photographs and records from LMDA's 30 year history. We are grateful to the work of LMDA members Geoff Prohel, (chair of the university's Department of Theatre Arts) and Sara Freeman (associate professor of theatre arts) who are working with the university's archivist Katie Henningsen to manage the entire collection.

For more information, please check out the University of Puget Sounds press release,  

Welcome to the 5th and final installment! Throughout July, five festival Dramaturgs will reveal their conversations with company leaders of Raw Materials Programs, the works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory festival, performing at San Francisco’s Project Artaud July 6-20, 2014. LMDA in partnership with foolsFURYproduced by LMDA Regional VP’s Nakissa Etemad & Scott Horsteinprovided the festival match between dramaturgs & Raw Materials companies. In addition to these company profiles, Dramaturgs will run talkbacks at their Program’s second performance. For more info on the festival, tickets, and our partnership, visit www.foolsfury.org

Meet the Companies of Raw Materials Program 5

By Dramaturg Michael Moerman

Michael Moerman began his life in the theater as a freelance actor, dramaturg, and literary manager twenty years ago, after nearly thirty years of research and teaching as a Professor of Anthropology at UCLA. 

The Defenestrators (Blue Lake, CA): 

I spoke with the members of the clown duo The Defenestrators, Darci Fulcher and Emily June Newton, by phone and through email about their new clown comedy piece a Fenetre (The Window).

Michael: Did you intend “The Defenestrators” to evoke that word’s historic connotation of assassination?

Welcome to the Boston Conference page! Here you will find information from the recent 2014 LMDA conference.  Click the links below to see videos, speeches and links from different conference sessions. For those interested in the original conference schedule, please go here

Videos of Conference Sessions:

Keynote Address: Wesley Morris

Dramaturgy and Leadership

Building Inter-Institutional Collaborations

Building the Future

Building Digital Networks



Milken Community Schools is excited to announce the creation of a major international playwriting prize for plays written to be performed by teenagers.  The prize includes a cash award of $2,000, a script development process, and a full production of the play. A professional dramaturg will assist the playwright and provide readings as needed during the rewriting process. The winner will be promoted to theatres and high schools internationally.

This much-needed award encourages the writing of plays meant for teenagers to perform. High schools, unlike theatres, are constantly looking for large-cast plays with a majority of female actors. Although a variety of grants currently exist for both plays written for adults to perform and plays created by children, the Milken Playwriting Prize is for plays written to be performed by teens.